How does Odyssey of the Mind fulfill STEM, 21st Century Skills and Common Core Initiatives.
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Why we do what we do.

Every student is capable of a moment of genius, and this moment is not always limited to solving a complex math equation, programming a computer, composing an opus or putting the finishing touches on a beautifully painted masterpiece. This moment refers to the point in a student's' educational journey when they find their inner strength and realize that they are capable of great things. When kids are given the ability to take a risk in an environment where there is no right or standardized tests, their minds flourish and their character shines. Odyssey of the Mind provides kids with that environment and the chance to discover their own genius...that is why Maine Odyssey of the Mind does what it does.

As the largest creative problem solving program in the state, Maine Odyssey of the Mind fosters a comprehensive and holistic educational experience to its participants, introducing students to tangible aspects of education – art, music, drama, history, engineering, math, architecture and beyond. Kids also learn the crucial 21st century skills; an understanding of global awareness, intellectual curiosity, interpersonal and collaborative skills, communication, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, self-direction, authentic assessment, accountability and adaptability. 

"There are many teachers who feel that, with the advent of current educational initiatives, they are unable to adequately meet the needs of their most creative students," according to Maine Odyssey State Co-Director Fern Brown. "Odyssey fills that need as it occupies a unique spot where science and technology meets theater and the arts.”

In an era of cutbacks and budget reductions at the local and state levels, communities have turned to Odyssey of the Mind. Each year, more than 1,000 students take part in Odyssey of the Mind from more than 70 schools from across the state.

“As school administrators fight to balance budgets and teachers look for new ways to fulfill student needs, Odyssey continues to be an attractive and affordable alternative to districts that feel they are running out of options when it comes maintaining a high-quality education,” says Recruitment Director Jason Wheeler. “Odyssey is entirely run through the work of hundreds of parent and teacher volunteers who have seen first hand the kind of impact this program can and will have on their kids.”

The mission of the Board of Directors of Maine Odyssey of the Mind is to organize and promote quality trainings, events, and tournaments that provide an opportunity to showcase, honor, and respect our teams’ creative work, encouraging the development of risk-taking and lifelong problem solving.



Association Directors
Fern Brown,
Elise Copeland,

Board of Directors
Alan Robitaille
Erin-Margaret Moize 
Fran Bodkin
Hesper Schleiderer-Hardy
Jason Wheeler
Jim Rowe
Judi Mansfield
Kurt Freitag
MaryBeth Nolt
Michele Freitag

Student Directors
Alex Gates
Jeremy Clifford


Maine Odyssey of the Mind is proud of the efforts of all of our participants. Each year, we recognize teams or individuals who embody the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind. Click HERE for more information.