Judges...without the help and dedication for our hundreds of adult volunteers, MeOotM wouldn't be able to provide quality creative problem solving experiences to hundreds of students from around the state. As a judge, you are guaranteed to make an impact on the education journey of our participants and will be a memorable, if not the most memorable, part of the experience! Please make sure you clear your calendar for the two days needed (training and judging). Training is essential for all judges since the problems change every year even as a non-scoring position.  We ask all judges attend training each year to receive the most up to date information and learn about multiple roles that may be needed from each and every judge.

Between our four competitions, Maine Odyssey of the Mind competitions will use approximately 200 judges and volunteers to ensure a smooth, exciting, and fair tournament. Each judge plays an important role in the success of the tournament and is essential to make each competition happen. Each team is required to provide one judge for a regional competition. If the teams advances to State Finals, the judge will be asked to represent that team at State Tournament. 

Note: Judges will not be able to leave the site they are assigned to during the day. This means judges will not be able to leave at any time to see a team’s performance in another problem during the judging day.

All Judges must:

  • be 18 years or older and high school graduates.
  • attend a training seminar to qualify to judge at a tournament.  
  • judge at at least one regional tournament in order to qualify to judge at the State Tournament


Volunteers are generally parents or family members of a team member.  They will be asked to act as door monitors, help with traffic flow, judge's hospitality, sales or a variety of other roles. Volunteers are asked to for 1-2 hour shifts. We ask that volunteers be registered with the team and the team judge. Maine Odyssey of the Mind will make every effort to ensure that a volunteer will be able to see their team perform.  

In their own words...

"I love Odyssey and I look forward to it every year! Its awesome to be creative with my friends to come up with our solutions and know that we did it together! It makes us really proud"

-Makenna Wheeler, Village Elementary

"Odyssey of the Mind has changed the way I think and has opened me up a completely different way of approaching everything I do. I love the ability to find all the loopholes and come up with a solution that I know no one else has ever thought of. I have been involved in OM for eight years now, I cannot imagine my life without it."

-Avery Arena, Gorham High School