Learning and laughter are the order of the day as first and second year team members and their coaches learn the ropes of creative problem solving under the guidance of experienced coaches.  Open to Division I, II, and PRIMARY, this three-hour workshop provides teams with the chance to solve an Odyssey problem and present their solution for feedback.  A great way for students to gain the skills needed to create an effective performance. We will offer two sessions.

There will be a $5 per team member charge for Beginners Blast Off.


Beginners Blast Off FAQ

1) "Can I bring half of my team?" - Yes, we'll probably pair you and another small team up for the workshop.

2) "What do coaches do?"  -  They observe an experienced coach guide their team through the process of solving a problem from beginning to performance.  Coaches can ask questions along the way, clarify points and help as much as they feel comfortable.

3) "Can parents come, too?"  - Parents are invited for the last hour of each session to watch the performances but not for the problem solving portion.  That's only for teams, coaches and their experienced coach/trainer.  

4) "Does it cost anything for coaches to participate?"  -  No, just $5 for each team member.

5) "Can we pay by credit card or debit card?"  -  No, cash or checks made out to ME Odyssey are all we can accept currently. 

Always desire to learn something useful.

- Sophocles