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Odyssey SPARK



Second City’s Odyssey SPARK, an online four-week crash course to get your creativity flowing, covers sketch writing, partnerships/teamwork, acting and performance quality, and creative risk-taking (including learning from failure) in the style of The Second City. Designed specifically for OM participants, coaches, and parents, Odyssey SPARK. is a great way to jump start the divergent thinking process while having loads of fun in the process!

Odyssey SPARK is open to all students ages 12-18.

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Thank you to Tennessee Odyssey of the Mind for providing these Spontaneous Problems! Looking for more? Click HERE.

Never Have I Ever (Verbal)

Your problem is to complete this statement: I have never _________ because ________. 

The Full Problem

King Purrsalot (Verbal)

Your problem is to say something about the image or tell what the character in the image might say. 

The Full Problem

Bubble Gate (Verbal)

Your problem is to say something about the image in front of you.

The Full Problem

Bowling...Odyssey Style (Hands On)

You problem is to create a device or devices that will allow you to launch balls toward the bowling pins. 

The Full Problem

Crossing the line (Hands On)

Your problem is to build a structure that can extend as far past the edge of the table as possible and cross as many of these lines as possible. 

The Full Problem